Drake – Marvin’s Room

“F*ck that n*gga you love so bad” Before Drake’s arrival to the game,  you could tell the direction of hip-hop was changing. It’s like Dr. Dre said: “How many times can you say mother f*cker in a song before it starts to not be cool”. He’s right – 80s babies are the last generation to … Continue reading

Politics with Lupe Fiasco

This morning I saw a video of Lupe Fiasco on The O’reilly Factor; he did a good job defending his point seeing that most of the people that go on there get chewed-up and spitten out by Bill… The controversy: Lupe basically called president Obama a terrorist — I see exactly his point in terms of “the bigger … Continue reading

Narcissism in Hip-Hop, 2011: The Real Hater

With the exception of a few leaders of today’s hip-hop scene, we see narcissism still at an all time high. Why? Within the last couple of years, commercial hip-hop has subtly hidden the gang-bangers and ballers and brought forth the sincere truth-tellers, per Drake, per J Cole – Mind you, Soulja Boy may be at … Continue reading

Love and Hip-hop

As much as I like to say hip-hop was grown organically, since it’s commercialization the narcissism has been through-the-roof ridiculous; it’s all about me. Hip-hop was something communal. Community. Everybody. It’s not our fault we are divided. Some of us like Drake; some of us don’t like Drake. Some of us like The Grouch; some … Continue reading

Lil B The Based God

Through-out life I’ve been told to pursue what I love, what only matters to me… That said, Lil B has to be the craziest son-of-a-b*&^% hip-hop has seen since… ever.  And he’s single-handedly saving hip hop. Of course many criticize his lazy freestyles, more his off-the-wall titles for those freestyles, like “I’m a fag, I’m a … Continue reading