Drake – Marvin’s Room

“F*ck that n*gga you love so bad”

Before Drake’s arrival to the game,  you could tell the direction of hip-hop was changing.

It’s like Dr. Dre said: “How many times can you say mother f*cker in a song before it starts to not be cool”.

He’s right – 80s babies are the last generation to produce multi-platinum selling artists under the genre of gangster rap – the gentlemen is in now.

What we find in Drake is a more humble approach to the game,  a more honest, vulnerable voice – He sings about getting drunk at a function and calling his exgirlfriend up – that’s way more credible than shooting someone in the face, for the sake of 50 Cent; 50 Cent was depicted as a super hero, so see how the times have changed: the game went from loving somone with an incredible story based on survival, 50, to a young R&B singer, Drake.

I’m a guy that loves women, and I completely relate to some of the messages in Drake’s songs; his writing is so clean, female that have never heard his music before become fans during their first listen.

“Marvins Room” is just another checkpoint to show that no-clap, R&B-type of songs have propelled us into the future of crossing hip-hop and R&B together – of course, when it comes down to the origin of the genres, they come from genre’s of the past, just reinvented commercially.

Hip hop is finally about partying, being  real, and women again.  Thank God.

– Lover


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