Politics with Lupe Fiasco

Bill O'reilly debating with Lupe Fiasco

This morning I saw a video of Lupe Fiasco on The O’reilly Factor; he did a good job defending his point seeing that most of the people that go on there get chewed-up and spitten out by Bill…

The controversy: Lupe basically called president Obama a terrorist — I see exactly his point in terms of “the bigger picture” — Astonishingly, despite O’reilly’s dedication to conservative opinion, he defended Obama calling him a protector of us, US citizens.

I thought Lupe was going to nail him, out-debate him, but TV always has a way of censoring so-called free-speech.

What Lupe was hinting at: terrorrism by definition means trauma, fear, by surprise, to keep people in line — in many cases around the world, the US has sponsored the suppression of peoples — a great example: the proxy-wars in Central America in the 70s and 80s; the US government trained conservative parties in the respective regions to supress guerrilla movement(s) while disappearing literally tens-of-thousands of persons (this is in books and well documented, so if I come up missing you’ll know why lol).

Seriously though, Lupe was trying to say that the reason why there is terrorrism is because there is capitalism; every one is out to chase the dollar while we should be chasing love and cures for illnesses.

We actually live in a sick society.  We are sick.

We rather look out for ourselves instead of our next door neighboor — If I were walking through the desert asking people for water, people would fear me and believe in me a thief, which I’m not… I’m just thirsty.

Believe there are only a few good people out there left, yet believe that there is hope for the world still.

Anyway, back to Lupe.

He’s one of our freedom fighters, and Bill O’reilly of course would try to discredit our young lad, Lupe, by saying he made an irresponsible statement — Lupe reiterrated that Obama is a good man, but he’s just a part of a bigger system which he has little control over; he just didn’t say it right, completely.

Thank you, Mr. Fiasco, even though you may have been edited and censored by Fox News (shout-out to Nelson, a friend on Facebook that reminded me they probably cut out important stuff in the interview)…

It’s all TV-magic; they show us what they want, because after all, Lupe did promote his album on the show and Bill O’reilly… well, ratings.

Towards the end of the debate, they laughed it off and said thank you to each other.

Lupe Fiasco – Words I Never Said (feat. Skylar Grey) – Look


– Lover


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