Narcissism in Hip-Hop, 2011: The Real Hater

With the exception of a few leaders of today’s hip-hop scene, we see narcissism still at an all time high. Why?

Within the last couple of years, commercial hip-hop has subtly hidden the gang-bangers and ballers and brought forth the sincere truth-tellers, per Drake, per J Cole – Mind you, Soulja Boy may be at the pinnacle of his career.  He’s a good example of narcissism, yet because of his underdog status he has been able to overcome a lot of hate with positively empowering his own music; to me, he is in limbo between self-love and narcissism, which makes it harder to define love and hate in today’s hip-hop scenary.

Putting yourself up and others down isn’t self-love, it’s hate – Also, like minorities in the US, and many parts of the world, we learn to love ourselves after we have been taught to hate ourselves; Therefore, as I say we have been infected with narcissism, it’s not our fault; but what we know, we can fix, and that’s what I encourage; I speak of downing others to make ourselves feel good – Of a moral-ethical standpoint, how can one think of themselves higher or worthier than another person?

I don’t understand how love is misunderstood; self-love is misunderstood; narcissism is misunderstood as self-love – I told myself this morning: “love others and you will love yourself”.

It’s simple math, but the majority of hip-hop doesn’t get it; we’re too concerned with delineating what’s real hip-hop and what’s not. And, of course, the word itself “delineating” means separation, the downfall of our beloved culture.

Love, the verb.

It makes sense. If you radiate love, that love you give others will be returned to you with smiles and “thank-yous”. Hate others and sink yourself, a hole of depression, because that hate will be returned to you.

They killed Osama; be happy for the stoppage of terrorism and the genocide of innocent people; but why celebrate the hate for a man that was created equally as all of us were – he died for what he believed in, as much as we will die for what we believe in, but why die at each other’s throats.

The question is: if you could make the world peaceful, would you?

– Lover


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