Lil B The Based God

Lil B at The 2011 Woodie Awards

Through-out life I’ve been told to pursue what I love, what only matters to me…

That said, Lil B has to be the craziest son-of-a-b*&^% hip-hop has seen since… ever.  And he’s single-handedly saving hip hop.

Of course many criticize his lazy freestyles, more his off-the-wall titles for those freestyles, like “I’m a fag, I’m a lesbian”, but The Based God is definitely pushing the boundaries that confine us hip-hop lovers to follow each other.

Since when has hip-hop been about following each other? Since it’s origin in the South Bronx (someone please correct me if my geography is wrong), the Afro-centric culture has withstood against dominant culture as an essence of improvisation.  It’s like Jazz.  Doing what you feel in your heart is correct.  It’s like funk; it’s James Brown’s “ugh” in between his songs.  There is no wrong way to do it as long as its rhythmic, and as long as it comes from you’re heart.

Opposing the idea that Lil B is an openly bisexual rapper, there may be some questionable exceptions; his farfetched song-titles may be publicity stunts (no pun), which would constitute as marketing genius seeing that hip-hop has evolved from a homophobic to a more progressive state in the last couple of years – mind you club music nowadays sounds more like house and techno music – At Coachella 2011, he announced that his next album will be called “I’m Gay”, which has already gained the attention and scrutiny of pro-gay organization GLAAD and fellow rappers like Killa Mike.

Lil B has gotten to be a XXL Freshman and an MTV featured artist because he understands the power of shock and awe; certainly no male rapper has come out with a song called “I’m a pretty bitch” or “I’m a fag, I’m a lesbian” besides him, a strategy that clearly could have jeopardized his reputation forever; the respective idea is an indicator that hip-hop is changing to be more inclusive, although against the majority.

The Based God is definitely in a state of appraisal, where only he knows what’s next – what we have seen in the past: numerous artists attempt to reinvent themselves once their formulas for success bore us; it’s the simple fact of why there is such thing called the “sophomore curse” – but as long as he does what’s in his heart, he’ll be fine.

Remember: all songs have lyrics; and if you can hear it, it’s real.

– Lover


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