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Drake – Marvin’s Room

“F*ck that n*gga you love so bad” Before Drake’s arrival to the game,  you could tell the direction of hip-hop was changing. It’s like Dr. Dre said: “How many times can you say mother f*cker in a song before it starts to not be cool”. He’s right – 80s babies are the last generation to … Continue reading

Politics with Lupe Fiasco

This morning I saw a video of Lupe Fiasco on The O’reilly Factor; he did a good job defending his point seeing that most of the people that go on there get chewed-up and spitten out by Bill… The controversy: Lupe basically called president Obama a terrorist — I see exactly his point in terms of “the bigger … Continue reading

Mexican and Salvadoran

People need to know who I am, where I come from… not necessarily where I come from, but where my parents came from, and how their cultures nurtured me. I know a lot of mixed kids like me, Mexican and Salvadoran; we’re common in California. When I was a young-buck, I didn’t know what I … Continue reading

Latino: Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

I used to be a perplexed little kid… impatient because I couldn’t pull of the “bowl-cut” look with my hair, not really understanding what “brown” meant in reference to my people. When I look down, when I’m naked, I go “wow, I’m super-brown”, undeniably a descendant of something deeper than just “Latino”. I’m glad I went … Continue reading

Narcissism in Hip-Hop, 2011: The Real Hater

With the exception of a few leaders of today’s hip-hop scene, we see narcissism still at an all time high. Why? Within the last couple of years, commercial hip-hop has subtly hidden the gang-bangers and ballers and brought forth the sincere truth-tellers, per Drake, per J Cole – Mind you, Soulja Boy may be at … Continue reading

Gang-banging: Cultural Differences Among Latinos in California

I met Yazmin at a Shell gas station last Thursday.  It was raining and we had nowhere to go, so we just sat in her car. So we’re sitting there and she says, “my cousin”.  Her cousin opens the door, introduces himself, and gets in. Long story short, we end up talking about his experiences … Continue reading

Love and Hip-hop

As much as I like to say hip-hop was grown organically, since it’s commercialization the narcissism has been through-the-roof ridiculous; it’s all about me. Hip-hop was something communal. Community. Everybody. It’s not our fault we are divided. Some of us like Drake; some of us don’t like Drake. Some of us like The Grouch; some … Continue reading

Lil B The Based God

Through-out life I’ve been told to pursue what I love, what only matters to me… That said, Lil B has to be the craziest son-of-a-b*&^% hip-hop has seen since… ever.  And he’s single-handedly saving hip hop. Of course many criticize his lazy freestyles, more his off-the-wall titles for those freestyles, like “I’m a fag, I’m a … Continue reading